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Nebulizador Allied Pcs 414 Hospitalario


The Timeter® PCS 414 portable air compressor delivers hospital grade performance in a quiet and durable package. Ideal for continuous use in the professional environment, or as a sturdy homecare rental unit. The PCS 414 features a sound-dampened steel case which is designed to be quiet and lightweight while minimizing potential for damage.
The PCS 414 has been engineered for long service life, and is rated for continuous or intermittent use at an output rating of 14 lpm @ 50 psig. Permanently lubricated heavy-duty bearings are designed to operate 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. The PCS 414 features a hospital grade plug and meets UL 60601-1 for institutional use. A vibration-free 0-100 psi gauge delivers accurate readings while a dial-and-lock pressure regulator ensures that the desired pressure and air flow setting remains constant. Cool-running and lightweight, the PCS 414 is ideal for use with high-pressure and low-pressure aerosol administration devices, including large and small volume nebulizers.
Day in and day out, the PCS 414 delivers hospital grade performance in a durable package.